L’empreinte du Bonheur

«What interests me is the now; you must find something in each day to delight you…»

Jacques Henri Lartigue

The   Spring-Summer   2010   collection     channels     Jacques     Henri     Lartigue, an exceptional artist who continued to collect happy moments of his life through photographing them in order to “trap  happiness”.

The collection  conveys  the  impact  of  the  mondain events  in  Paris  and  the French Riviera during the 1930’s, the colorful yet  chic  life  of  high  society.   Immersed in a   sepia   tinted   world   evoking   poetry   and   simplicity,   two  values treasured by Jasmin  Santanen,  the  colors  get  restored  in  a  delicate   and   radiant   palette.   The   sober   clean   lines   present   in   the  collection mirror  the  sophisticated  sensibility  of  a  society  rediscovering  “open  air life”… read more