Elizabeth Virgin Queen
Inspired by Queen Elizabeth 1st of England and her powerful yet feminine personality, Jasmin Santanen is looking  to retrace her sense of elegance and  the impressive dress code of her reign in this summer collection. The mental strength of a warrior combined with a playful and sophisticated ‘joie de vivre’ comes to life through delicate laces, soft silks and rigid taffetas. Embroidered cottons remind one of the skilled needlework of medieval times. By giving prominence to the waist through high-waisted skirts and trousers as well as dresses with corset waists, Jasmin Santanen wishes to emphasize the fashionable silhouette of the era. The collection consists of elaborate pieces for day and evening, a variety of dresses, tunics, tops, shirts, skirts and trousers as well as summer jackets and coats with detailed finishing’s, for a resolutely ‘chivalrous’ and seductive silhouette…read more