Bitter Sweet Utopia

The Fall-Winter 2009-’10 “Bitter Sweet Utopia” Collection honors the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The autumn winter collection for 2009-2010 gets the inspiration by taking a closer look into the years of the cold war, a world of complex dichotomy. It was an era that depicted the richness of the ingenious minds facing the limits of their surroundings. Jasmin Santanen’s AW collection contemplates a culture, developing based on its own imagination and personal archives, led by a burning passion for expression. The official early references were derived from the functional Bauhaus-forms through the embodiment of constructivism and cubism. In the later years, the search of lightness transformed the artistic direction into a more playful and amusing kitschy compositions.  The collection set to charm with its melancholic, and poetic riddles approach with its “sole raison d’être” to fulfill.