Cult of Tempatation

«True reality is only in dreams…»  Baudelaire

The inspiration for the “Cult of Temptation” Collection was found in the symbolist art period that led artists into a new kind of self-centeredness, mysticism and spirituality promoting poetic, poignant and intuitive questions. Playing with the codes of “symbolism,” a key that opens the door to further interpretation of emotion, Jasmin Santanen aims to offer visual delight and hint at sensuous pleasure. The themes mirror a more imaginary yet dominant vision of the connection between humanity and nature.

Honoring the father of Symbolism, Charles Baudelaire, and his “Fleurs du Mal” poetry, Jasmin Santanen has exploited the delicate and seductive aura of a flower, bringing out a variety of emotions starting with temptation and leading through vulnerability often into insecurity and melancholy…read more