Cult of Temptation short film by Riitta Sourander

«True reality is only in dreams…» Charles Baudelaire

The Cult of Temptation short film is an invitation to an emotional journey, escorted by magic. The graceful pieces flow in the wind while the goddess-like drapes and delicate silhouettes reflect off of the glittering water in late August sunshine creating a visual delight. As our muses connect with their earthly powers, the intensifying 19th century-esque rhythm breaks down boundaries between heaven and earth.

The collection symbolically harnesses fashion as a pathway to a heightened state of being above the limits of the physical world. Inspired by the paintings by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Edward Burne Jones, and James McNeill Whistler, the Cult of Temptation encourages towards engagement and bravery in favor of returning to nature.

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