Jasmin Santanen explores her roots by celebrating the Finnish National Romanticism movement infusing the inherent connection with nature and life force, capturing beauty as the purest and simplest form of positive and constructive energy.

Inspired by the late 19th century dress of the Aesthetic Movement, devoted to nature and controversial art, Jasmin Santanen’s summer capsule collection ‘‘Lightness of Being’’ stresses comfort and freedom of self expression while also spreading a feeling of honest joy of living. Like its leading women, who gained a masculine confidence and shed the restrictive, figure-hugging Victorian fashion, the collection aims to capture the spirit and passion of the era through its unconventional volumes exaggerating the movement of the body.



Collection Cruise Video by Uberraum

The pastels and antique hues join in synergy with the more vibrant, vivid shades honoring nature’s true spectrum of colors. Jasmin Santanen created original floral prints using roses, orchids and hibiscus interpreted through a variety of pieces going from day to cocktail wear in soft silks and cottons evoking the delicate yet daring femininity of each.




Flowing nymph-like silhouettes showcase the graceful lightness and hint of discreet sensuality by combining transparent and diaphanous ethereal chiffon and lace fabrics. In addition to its romantic side, the collection evokes a powerful masculine energy through pleat detailed tuxedo or big bow collared blouses paired in contrasting form-fitting or oversized cropped pants.  

Jasmin Santanen partnered with Finnish photographer Kristian Kaarna, an artist who captures nature’s complexity in thought-provoking perspectives, on the collection visual presentation, and Finnish jewelry company, Lapponia, with precious yet ‘bold’ pieces for the show. This collaboration fused their passions and captured the power of design by joining fashion, photography and nature, underlining Finland’s brand identity.

The “Lightness of being” collection fashion show was presented during the Designer’s Day press launch in Paris during a cruise on the Seine River. The boat’s sunset journey through the heart of Paris provided the perfect backdrop for the event; impressive views of the city and its most breathtaking landmarks complimented the looks perfectly.

©Sarah T. Skinner

View the Lightness of Being Collection here.