The Governance by Heart in the Kingdom of Infinity.

Drawing from the freedom and liberation of our Rock Poets, the Sovereign Child collection illuminates the ultimate stage of our heroine’s journey as she transcends her carefree life to assume her responsibility as a sovereign.

The film by filmmaker Vilja Harjamaki opens with model Jasmin Jalo stepping into her governance and courageously placing the crown of authority upon her own head-a symbol of claiming her own power. She proudly stands, confident and ready to face what she believes in. As she scans the horizon, our protagonist prepares herself for the journey to adult sophistication but continues to embrace her inner child as she escapes into the beauty of nature. 

This liminal stage of life, hovering between childhood innocence and adult sophistication, creates a captivating juxtaposition carried throughout the collection. The timeless designs are matched with an unexpected mix of texture and vintage prints to reveal a true rebel heart. The transparent fabrics reveal her inner child while the vintage prints accentuate her fierce courage. As she spins in her glory, the frills and layers of her skirt surround her in a beautiful whirlwind. 

Open-minded and fearless, our Sovereign Child paves the way towards a new state of leadership by heart in the Kingdom of Infinity, where admirable deeds and faith divine our natural power.

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