The Rock Poets Collection is inspired by the paradoxical relationship between soft poeticism and edgy rock & roll. Through reconnecting with nature, our Rock Poets fearlessly leap into a world of creative challenges. Filmed in the beautiful outskirts of Helsinki by Vilja Harjamaki, our Rock Poets film emphasizes the timeless beauty of nature, as we follow our protagonists from one season to another.

Our models Krista Hannula, Emeliina Porvari, Jasmin JJ Jalo, and Elenaoora, each represent one of the four seasons. The film opens with Spring, illustrating the rebirth of nature after a long cold winter, as we watch the remnants of snow melting away making room for the budding flowers. The abundance of summer light is greeted with an intuitive dance, followed by moments of joy under the cherry blossoms.

As we enter fall, the vibrant summer light fades into warm shades of yellow. The lush greens from summer transform into a colorful medley of different reds and oranges. Towards the end of the year, the fairytale forest sheds its leaves as nature prepares to hibernate, to be reborn again in spring.

Throughout the film, the finely crafted, intricate couture designs are juxtaposed with simpler, bohemian pieces creating a fearless sensibility enhanced by exquisite French lace and luxury dexterity. The icy mood of the cold of winter contrasts with the soft and flowy silk weights and bold patterns of the warmer months. 

This balance of tones is symbolic of the eternal transition of the seasons and is an ode to the beautiful yet complex coming of age transition. The playful combination of patterns and textures reminds us of the carefree adolescent spirit and willingness to be unconventional for a fleeting moment.

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Rock Poets 4 Seasons film by Vilja Harjamäki.