Pleased to present our Flora Tigresse collection, including new organic casual wear styles in addition to our timeless silk classics, allowing us to expand our “Responsable Glamour” production methods. 

The collection icon, Flora Tigresse is our fearless Earth Warrior, the Goddess of Flora and Fauna, the plant and animal kingdom. In praise of her unwavering engagement to defend the ecosystem, our Flora Tigresse collection is featuring three hand painted prints: Flora and Fauna, Power Animal, and Flower Tiger, each presenting a special message to aid sustainability.

View the full Flora Tigresse collection here.

Flora and Fauna celebrates the primordial symbiosis of nature asserting it’s presence with eye catching styles made in a responsible way. Designed with comfort and classiness in mind, the collection combines upscale loungewear with our timeless, leopard printed silk styles.

The innate femininity represented in tigers is beautifully shown through our Flower Tiger graphics. A combination of bold lettering and hand painted delicate flowers adorn a tiger striped background that is evocative of a hippie and bohemian spirit.

As women, part of our empowerment is the fight for equality we have never given up on. Our brand is committed to expanding this fight to our feline sisters. As a part of this fight, we pay tribute to the ancestral wisdom and native heritage of mighty creatures while seeking to preserve their habitats.

The Power Animal, a triptych of red-white-blue zebra stripes adorned with blooming peonies is highlighting the empowerment gained through a harmonious relationship with all majestic animals. Through the focus in our designs, we emphasize the importance of their protection and preservation in hopes we can adapt their courage during these challenging times. Our product allows women to responsibly show off their stripes in a classy and elegant manner.

The Flora Tigresse collection has the dual effect of paying homage to fierce femininity while remembering the significance of our environment and the powerful animals who call it home. Wild creatures like lionesses, tigers, jaguars, and cheetahs are reminiscent of an ancient powerful female energy that resides within all of us. In honor of these powerful animals we have chosen production methods that are PETA approved, meaning we do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products.

All casual wear pieces have been made with methods that are 100% organic, using reclaimed materials and 91% less water than conventional cotton. Our OEKO-TEX certification ensures no use of any harmful substances while our GOTS certification ensures all of our cotton is organic so our stylish women with concern for the environment can be comfortable and casual while still maintaining her upscale style.

Model: Osy Montero @OsyMontero

Hair&MakeUp: Corinne Fouet @CorinneFouet @AirportAgency