“The Making of Flora Tigresse” short film shares the exciting behind-the-scenes content for the eye-catching capsule collection. Made by Vilja Harjamäki in collaboration with designer and art director Jasmin Santanen, the film sheds light on the medley of different layers and dynamics that allow for us to compellingly and reflectively tell the story of the guardian of Flora & Fauna, the animal and plant kingdoms.

The film is a product of a highly innovative team that together encapsulates the wild spirit of the collection. Our model, Osy Montero, perfectly incarnated the fearless, yet playful and bold character of Flora Tigresse. Our photographer, Victor Matussiere—a specialist in flower photography— built the physical aesthetic and fun atmosphere to reflect the Flora and Fauna theme on set. His inventive use of dynamic jungle and wildlife projections along with artistic flower still life and filters allows the exploration of fashion through new techniques while reflecting the collection inspiration through a unique perspective.

Filmmaker Vilja Harjamäki’s expertise shines through in the film as well: her editing allowed for dynamic, divided screens as well as the addition of still photos on top of moving images. Her vision enabled the creative addition of overlays of print texture on frames and perfectly coordinated scenes to the beat of the music, welcoming viewers to the urban jungle. The perfectly matched hair & makeup looks were created by the talented Corinne Fouet from the leading Airport Agency. Jasmin Santanen oversaw the whole process to ensure that the spirit of the fearless Earth Warrior stayed intact throughout the filming process. 

A reflective piece “The Making of Flora Tigresse”, short film takes viewers to the immersive world of Flora and Fauna to experience the dynamics and the beauty of our wildlife.

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