“We are rebels for a cause, poets with a dream…” –James Dean 

The ‘Teenager in Love’ video showcases our young ‘Rock Poets’ with a dream, confident and full of life. Enjoying the last rays and warmth of summer, our teens join for a celebration before the cold winds of autumn lead us to our daily routines… This sense of youthful rivalry as seen in classics like West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean carries throughout the collection. At a time when the moniker ‘teenager,’ was welcomed into society, young people strived to break out from traditional society. Products of teenage liberation, ‘Rock n Roll’ music and dancing were seen as threatening to the older, more rigid, school administration, and Dean’s feelings of invincibility epitomized what it truly meant to be a teenager at that time. Sporty, dynamic, yet glamorous and sharp, the warmth and the earthy tones of Indian summer carry fun and freedom into the fall.

At the heart of the collection is an unexpected twist. Bold and teenage-like in attitude, pieces consist of drapey silks, 50’s inspired ribbons that accentuate the waist and elegant wool plaids mixed with crispy cottons… Though the days of beach getaways and trips to amusement parks will be replaced with backyard barbeques, we will not lose touch with summer’s fun. Despite work and school altering our mindsets to be more focused, playfulness will stick with us. “Inspired by the ‘Teenage Revolution’ that started in America in the late 50’s, by means of Storytelling, we are promoting the joy and inspiration gained from the power of music and dance”

Special Thanks to our Dream Team!!

Film by Uberraum, Hair & Makeup by Airport Agency, Dancers by Aicom Paris, Photo by Mayr Studio, and Coversong by Elvira Eklov

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