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Rock Poets 4 Seasons short film

Rock Poets 4 Seasons trailer

Rock Poets 

Inspired By The ‘Teenage Revolution’ That Started In America In The Late 50’s,our Teenager In Love Short Film Promotes The Joy And Inspiration Gained From The Power Of Music And Dance.

‘Rock Around The Clock’, The Song That Inspired A Movement And Brought People Together. At A Time When Society Was Divided, Music Was The Only Thing They Had In Common. The World Looked Entirely Different, And Rock N’ Roll Was Largely Responsible.

Inspired By The Father Of Symbolism, Charles Baudelaire, The “Cult Of Temptation” Collection Radiates Sensuous Pleasure And Visual Delight.

Poetic And Liberating, The Visual Poem, “Deliberately Yours,” Is Inspired By The Immortal Jim Morrison. At It’s Heart, Is The “Love Her Madly,” Collection And Morrison’s Intuitive, Native Soul That Never Left Paris.

Reflecting On The 20th Anniversary Of The Fall Of The Iron Curtain, “Bitter Sweet Utopia,” Celebrates Unrestriction And Independence, Engendering Strong Emotions.

Bohemian And Sophisticated, “Caravan Diamond” Shows Life From The Point Of View Of The Free-spirited Artist Who Appreciates Fine Simplicity.