Inspired by Finnish mythology, its rich storytelling heritage, and in collaboration with contemporary artist Carlos Cabeza, the “Labyrinth” trilogy takes us on a journey to gradually access our true potential and state of contentment. Sharing an interpretation of sincere joyfulness illustrated by the vibrant colors, bold shapes and symbols, representative of Cabeza’s artwork, the exclusively designed prints and graphics celebrate the fusion of art and fashion. The medley of intricate pathways in Cabeza’s artwork illustrates our mental potential as we navigate the “labyrinth” of our emotions.

Intertwining tracks depict the bold, simple, intuitive and mischievous character that defines the Finnish culture, derived from their search for a prosperous and harmonious relationship with nature that is prominently portrayed in the Finnish mythology. Following our ancestors’ instinctive way of viewing life, and in order to connect with our inherent “supernatural powers” as they did, we must learn to look into our deepest subconscious, and face the ‘demons’ we so frequently suppress.

Reflecting the duality of our minds, the first capsule of the trilogy, ‘Summer Light,’ consists of stimulating prints in vivid colors contrasted by simple cuts. Pursuing our spiritual potential, we then began to delve into the darker side of our emotions during the ‘nebulous’ winter season facing the obscure part of our “labyrinth”, highlighting Cabeza’s more somber palette reminiscent of an imaginary fall and ‘Winter Sky’.

The second capsule’s story is told through a more refined and sophisticated allure created by the shiny silk satin reflecting the moonspell, while the flowy georgette captures the brisk breeze announcing the change of season.

Throughout the collection, the strong presence of symbols bring in a cosmic energy, such as the stars, a metaphor to reach for our dreams, the wheel of life, a compass that guides us to find our way on our journey, and butterflies which evoke our evolving nature, our desire to change, and to liberate ourselves—the transformation.

The ‘Pop ART of Living’ capsule is the manifestation of the freedom gained once we emerge from the “labyrinths” of our minds. An expression of life in all its beauty through vibrant colors and symbolism, the collection draws inspiration from the Pop Art movement of the 1950s and 60s, both aesthetically and philosophically. Celebrating fashion as a way to break through the molds of society, we encourage everyone to find their own true voice and to live a life as graceful and carefree as the butterfly that adorns the clothing.

Metaphorical of a person’s spirit, the delicate, airy, silk fabrics reflect the ease of which we can live our lives once we have become in tune with our emotions. Cheerful and playful Pop Art colors inspire happiness: a state of mind where childlike imagination and lightness of being coexist. Painterly prints illustrate the creative potential that can be embraced once we break through our shell and choose the colors of our life. 

Centered around the brand’s philosophy, the “Pop ART of Living” represents a movement that promotes sustainability and continuity by creating timeless ready to wear and couture pieces for both day and evening. The collections are exclusively made in our in house atelier in Paris honoring the mastering of the finest couture techniques and finishing’s: “the Parisian touch.” 

This new state of enlightenment will glow from within making us sparkle in the cosmic sky allowing us to lead the way for others. Following “The Labyrinth,” ‘Star People,’ invites us to look at the world as a magical place by showing faith in life and ourselves, transforming us into beings of light.