S h i m m e r i n g D r e a m

Spring / Summer 2011 Ready-to-Wear and Couture

In her Spring / Summer 2011 collection, Jasmin Santanen is inspired by the works of the late, renowned Italian director — Federico Fellini. Reflecting on the plethora of female characters, she introduces, through a similar kaleidoscope, ‘Fellinienne’ humour as well as a sincere passion and desire for the many changing moods of a woman’s life.

Light and airy cotton dresses of exclusively designed fabrics by Jasmin have pixel, framed orchid portraits, which evoke filmstrips and photographic images. Youthful, yet elegant silhouettes highlight the ‘Couture’ knowledge of Jasmin with subtle details. Gathered, ruffled, printed or added lace celebrates the carefree spirit of women and the insouciant feel of a soft, Italian summer.


Striking colours of organza skirts, tops and dresses layered upon her blooming sky patterns capture the air of Fellini films. Sunny, wrought iron balconies with twisting flowers, awash in sepia-toned red and blue-printed silks were created by Jasmin. Charming trapeze, strapless or bow-accented dresses, pleated detailed tops and sleek summer coats create a sensual and refined look.

The strong presence of classic black and white as well as the use of dream imagery in Fellini’s work underlines the character of Jasmin Santanen’s new collection. Seductive off-the-shoulder blouses are paired with cropped trousers. Feminine black and white cotton voile dresses are gathered, gently caressing the body. Her sophisticated silhouettes are also revisited through both her summer coats in neutral shades and her tailored golden evening coats. Rounded shoulders and impeccably cut sleeves further accentuate the ‘Couture’ look of the daring 60’s, which inspired her.

Featuring fitted ‘Diva’ cocktail and evening gowns in shimmering twill are complemented by net lace décolleté and transparent sequins. This collection embraces the feminine figure and spirit of the women about whom Fellini was so passionate, which is why Jasmin chose this sensual capsule of time as the inspiration for her Spring / Summer 2011 collection.

Jasmin Santanen presents…

Spring / Summer 2011

In her first swimwear line, Jasmin Santanen translates, ‘Fellini’, creating a collection of ‘Dolce Vita’ style suits, bringing glamour to women of all sizes and shapes. Jasmin’s exclusively designed prints evoke sunny, wrought iron balconies with meandering flowers, awash in sepia-toned red and blue, which she created in both one and two-piece swimsuits that elegantly elongate the silhouette.

The parade of strong and youthful monochromes in hot pink, lipstick red and Vibrant turquoise are also available in one or two-piece suits, accenting Jasmin’s ‘couture’ knowledge with charming details. Gathered, transparent striped ribbon trim celebrates the carefree spirit of women and the insouciant feel of a brilliant, Italian summer. V-neck, sweetheart and bustier necklines create a sensual yet refined look. Jasmin, in conjunction with a leading European swimwear company, has created stylish suits that flatter the best features of women and ensure the perfect fit.