Celebrating the Fashion Revolution movement, which promotes sustainable apparel, we are excited to introduce our Marie-Antoinette inspired capsule collection: The Simple Life of Marie-Antoinette. One of the most fascinating characters in the Versailles history, Marie-Antoinette, criticized for her opulent lifestyle, found peace through nature when she escaped life at court to her country home “the Hameau de la Reine”  

The idyllic, fantasy-like setting created a perfect, simple world ,where she was able to be her genuine self. Finally liberated from her restrictive corsets and heavy gowns, Marie-Antoinette sported beautiful, ornamental undergarments, just as glamorous as her court wear. Famous today as ‘La Chemise a la Reine,’ these ”scandalous” simple dresses allowed her to move freely and release the inner child that was hidden under the formal 18th century dress code. There is no better period than that of Marie-Antoinette to highlight the significance of French excellence in fashion that also tells a story. The affluent style of this 18th century fashionista reminds us of the importance of quality over quantity, creating meaning in every garment. The fine craftsmanship and attentiveness of her wardrobe travels through time, remaining a strong force in fashion.

Emphasizing the power of timelessness and savoir faire, with this unique and refined collection, we are revisiting some of our signature pieces. Cotton and lace come together to create new, luxurious pieces, while washed silk, complete with ruffles, raw edges and bias ribbon trimmings are used to mimic 18th century lingerie. Just as Marie-Antoinette put her own know-how into all that she wore, the Jasmin Santanen brand takes pride in creating atelier-made pieces with detail, dexterity and love.

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